C Test Your Aptitude Book By Venugopal

C TEST YOUR APTITUDE presents solutions to more than one thousand problems on various features of the C language. It challenges the students to test their skills and knowledge of C.

Key Features:-

  • 1052 solved problems to text C skills.
  • Explanation accompany the solutions to the problems.
  • Plenty of problems on file arrays, structures and pointers.
  • Quick reference of C concepts in a separate chapter.


About the Author

Akash Padhiyar

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  1. Its really cool..

  2. Parth May 14, 2011

    hey how can i download this buk..??????

  3. Author

    Sorry Parth i cant update Download link due to its Copyright law.

  4. Akash can u mail me the download link????

  5. Niranjan March 30, 2013

    Hey Aaditi , did u get link to download that book? if u get can u pls send that to my mail id?

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