Conversation Between Husband (Software Professional) & Wife

Software professional’s are usually called geeks because of their nerdy behavior and 24×7 work attitude. Read on the following conversation to know why are they known to be geeky !

HUSBAND – Hi dear, I am logged in.

WIFE – Would you like to have some snacks ?

HUSBAND – Hard disk full.

WIFE – Have you brought the dress ?

HUSBAND – Bad command or file name.

WIFE – But i told you about it in morning.

HUSBAND – Erroneous syntax…. Abort – Retry – Cancel.

WIFE – Oh my god ! Just Forget it….. Where is your salary ??

HUSBAND – File in use, Read only, Try after some time.

WIFE – At least give me your credit card… So that I can do some shopping.

HUSBAND – Sharing violation, Access Denied.

WIFE – I made a mistake of marrying you…. !

HUSBAND – Data type mismatch.

WIFE – Arrghh…. You are useless.

HUSBAND – By default.

WIFE – Who was there with you in the car this morning ?

HUSBAND – System unstable press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot.

WIFE – What is my value in your life?

HUSBAND – Unknown virus detected.

WIFE – Do you love me or your computer ?

HUSBAND – Too many parameters.

WIFE – I will go to my mum’s house.

HUSBAND – Program performed illegal operation, it will close.

WIFE – I will leave you forever.

HUSBAND – Close all programs and log out for another user.

WIFE – It is worthless talking to you.

HUSBAND – Shut down the computer.

WIFE – I am going.

HUSBAND – Its now safe to turn off the computer.

I hope you liked the post and laughed a bit 🙂


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