DCN Full Forms

Tybca DCN Full Forms List :-

ANSI:- American National Standard Institute

ISO:-International Organisation For Standardization

CSO:-Corporation For Open System

ITU:-International Telecommunication Union

ITU-T:- International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication

IEEE:-Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

EIA:-Electronics Industry Alliance

TIA:-Telecommunication Industry Association

PCIA :- Personal Communication Industry Association

CITA:-Cellular Telecommunication Industry

COMSAT:-Communication Satellite Corporation

INTELSAT:-International Telecom Satellite

EBCDIC:-Extended Binary Coded Decimal

UTP:-Unsheilded Twisted Pair

STP:-Sheilded Twisted Pair

SSR:-Spread Spectrum Radio

AM:-Amplitude Modulation

FM:-Frequency Modulation

UHF:-Ultra High Frequency

VHF:-Very High Frequency

LEOs:-Low Earth Orbiting Satellite

IRDA:-Infrared Data Association

DSSS:- Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

FDM:-Frequency Division Multiplexing

TDM:-Time Division Multiplexing

STDM:-Statistical Time Division Multiplexing

WDM:-Wavelength Division Multiplexing

CDMA :-Code Division Multiple Access

FDMA:-Frequency Division Multiple Access

TDMA :-Time Division Multiple Access

FEP:-Front-End Processor

RF:-Radio Frequency

PVC:-Permanent Virtual Circuit

SVC:-Switched Virtual Circuit

NWS:-National Weather Service

PRN:- Packet Radio Network

VPN:-Virtual Pri vate Network

LAN:-Local Area Network

WAN:-Wide Area Network

WATS:-Wide Area Telephone Network

EO:-Exchange Office

CO:-Central Office

LEC:-Local Exchange Carrier

AT&T:-American Telephone & Telegraph

DTMF:- Dual Tone Multifrequency

DDD:- Direct Distance Dialling

LATA:-Local Access Tr

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