Features of Java Language

Java language has some special features, using which programmer write fast, complex, safe and robust (strong) program.

1. Safe:

  • Java does not provide any pointer like C & C++. So a memory location of system cannot be access thought Java program, therefore any program develop in Java cannot be use hack a system.

2. Robust:

  • Errors that occur at runtime can easily handle in Java.
  • Java provides Exception Handling features to over many runtime problems, like divide by 0, memory out of range, file not found, etc.
  • With use of Exception Handling Feature user can properly exit from program.

3. Multithreaded:

  • Java language provides an environment by which several task can be initiated and managed easily, such a feature is called Multithreaded.

4. Architecture Neutral / Platform Independent:

  • A program written & compile in one platform can run other platform and running under any type of O.S.

5. Internet Ready:

  • Java has several classes for Internet Programming, which can be used for client server programming.

6. Simple and familiar :

  • Java is using syntax like C & C++ and that’s why Java is simple language.

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