Flash 8 Shortcut keys


Ctr + N                                 New

Ctr+ o                                    Open

Ctr+w                                    Close

Ctr + Alt+W                         Close All

Ctr + S                                   Save

Ctr + Shift +S                      Save As

Ctr + R                                   Import Stage

Ctr + Shift + O                    Open External Library

Ctr + Shift + F12                                Publish


Ctr +Shift +V                      paste in Special

Ctr + D                                  Duplicate

Ctr + A                                  Select All

Ctr + Shift +A                     Deselct All

F3                                          Find Next

Ctr +Alt X                             Cut frames

Ctr + Alt +C                         copy frames

Ctr + Alt +V                         Paste frames

Alt+ backsapace               Clear Frames

Shift + F5                            remove frames

Ctr +Alt  +N                         Select All frames

Ctr + E                                   Edit Symbol

Ctr + U                                  Preferences


Ctr+ =                                                    Zoom in

Ctr + –                                                    Zoom Out

Preview Mode

Ctr  + Alt  +  Shift  + 0                      Outline

Ctr  + Alt  +  Shift  +F                        Fast

Ctr  + Alt  +  Shift  +A                       Anti_Alias

Ctr  + Alt  +  Shift  +T                        AntiAlis Text

Ctr + Shift +w                                     Work Area

Ctr + ‘                                                    Show Guides

Ctr + Alt +;                                           Lock Guides

Ctr + Alt + Shift + G                          Edit Guides


Ctr + F8                                                 New Symbol

F5                                                           Frame

Ctr + J                                                    Document

F8                                                           Convert To symbol

Ctr + B                                                   Braek apart

F6                                                           Convert To keyframe

Ctr+G                                                    Group


Ctr + Shift + B                                     Bold

Ctr + Shift +I                                       Italic

Ctr + Shift + P                                     plain

Ctr + Shift + l                                      Left Align

Ctr + Shift + L                                     Center Align

Ctr + Shift + C                                     Right Align

Ctr + Shift + R                                     Justify Align


Enter     Play

Ctr + Alt +R                                         Rewind

Ctr + Enter                                          test Movie

Ctr + Shift +Enter                             Debuge Movie

Ctr+Alt+Enter                                    test Scene

Ctr + Alt +P                                         Test project

Ctr + A+ m                                           Mute Sound


Ctr + Alt +K                                         Duplicat windw

Ctr +Alt +7                                           Timeline

Ctr +F2                                                  Tools

Ctr +F3                                                  Properties

Ctr +L                                                   Library

F9                                                           Actinons

Shift + F3                                             Behaviours

Shift + F4                                             Debugger

Alt +F3                                                  Movie Explorer

F2                                                           Output

Shift + F8                                             Project

Shift + F9                                             Colour  Mixer

Ctr +F9                                                  Colour Swatches

Ctr + I                                                    Information

Ctr + T                                                   Transform

Ctr + F7                                                 Components

Ctr + F10                                              History

Ctr + Shift +F10                                 Webservice

Ctr +F11                                               Strings

F4                                                           Hide Panels

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