Flash Actionscript :fscommand Tutorial


fscommand (“command”, “Arguments”)

Note: This Command Work Only Executable File (EXE).

Command Arguments Purpose
quit None Closes the projector
fullscreen true or false Specifying true sets the Flash Player to full-screen mode. Specifying false returns the player to normal Menu view
allowscale true or false Specifying false sets the player so that the Movie is always drawn at its original size and never scaled. Specifying true forces the Movie to scale to 100% of the player
showmenu true or false Specifying true enables the full set of context Menu items. Specifying false dims all the context Menu items except About Flash Player
exec Path to app. Executes an application from within the projector
trapallkeys true or false Specifying true sends all key events, including accelerator keys, to the onClipEvent(keyDown/keyUp) handler in the Flash Player


If you want to create QUIT Button in flash .Follow this Steps :-

  • Draw a button –> Convert into Symbol –> Right click on it —> Action —>

on(release) {
fscommand (“fullscreen”, true);

  • Now save it ..
  • Go got File Menu –> Publish Settings–> Check mark on EXE –> Publish
  • Now Filnd That Exe File and Check it ..

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  2. Anamika March 5, 2012

    Hi Akash this is Anamika here …
    i want practical tutorials of flash and only practical programs list and programs too (in written) can u please provide me cause xams are further ahead so please help …….

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