Objects,Method and Events In JavaScript

Objects and Properties

  • Your web page document is an object. Any table, form, button, image, or link on your page is also an object.
  • Each object has certain properties (information about the object). For example, the background color of your document is written document.bgcolor.
  • You would change the color of your page to red by writing the line: document.bgcolor=”red”
  • The contents (or value) of a textbox named “password” in a form named “entryform” is document.entryform.password.value.


  • Most objects have a certain collection of things that they can do.

  • Different objects can do different things, just as a door can open and close, while a light can turn on and off.

  • A new document is opened with the method document.open() You can write “Hello World” into a document by typing document.

  • write(“Hello World”) . open() and write() are both methods of the object: document.


  • Events are how we trigger our functions to run.
  • The easiest example is a button, whose definition includes the words onClick=”run_my_function()”.
  • The onClick event, as its name implies, will run the function when the user clicks on the button.
  • Other events include OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut, OnFocus, OnBlur, OnLoad, and OnUnload.

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