ShiftEdit-Online IDE For Php,Ruby,Html and Css

What is Shiftedit ?

  • ShiftEdit is an online IDE for developing PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript with built-in (S)FTP.
  • ShiftEdit allows you to back track on revision, bookmark files for easy opening, and even share websites with your friends. ShiftEdit is a great lightweight tool for developers.

ShiftEdit - Web based IDE

Link : ShiftEdit

Features :-

  • Create, edit and publish PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Access and publish files through FTP/SFTP
  • Realtime syntax debugging
  • Find/replace
  • Step back in time with Revision History
  • Time-saving features like code snippets, jump-to-line bracket closing
  • All from the comfort of your web browser!
  • Drag and drop from desktop
  • WYSIWYG/ Design mode

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