SwfModify To Edit,ReBuild Flash SWF Files

SwfModify is freeware program that allows users to edit SWF files and rebuild the flash file easily, without having much knowledge. It’s easy-to-edit user interface allows users to edit a flash file using different features and options, with few mouse button clicks. SwfModify allows users to replace virtual items in .swf file and save it as a new flash file. You can also extract music, movie clips from SWF files easily.

Edit and Rebuild Flash Files for Free with SwfModify


1.) Open a flash file extension is .swf.
2.) Edit current frame or all frame.
3.) See preview in player and save new flash file.

Latest version of SwfModify includes following new features :-

1.) Delete item from flash movie.
2.) Replace item with picture,text.
3.) Repalce item with other flash item.
4.) Export shape,movieclip,sound resource.



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