Update Java and Remove Old versions

JavaRa checks if your computer has the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If the version you have installed has been superseded by a newer version the program will download and install this newer version for you, by running Java’s update program. JavaRa then allows you to remove all possible older versions of this program.

What is use of Java ?

Java needs to be installed in your Computer to play online games, to view 3D images and chat with people around the world and also for certain website to run Java applets.User should have latest version of java installed in his computer.

Best Example : If you want to upload photos in Facebook (Old) then its Require java .

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JavaRa: Update Java and Remove Old versions

How to use JavaRa ?

Download and run JavaRa.Exe , close Internet Explorer before running it.Click Remove Older versions button shown JavaRa, JavaRa finds and removes older JREs in your computer and creates a log file with the info saved on C drive directory.

Features :-

  • Updating Java:
  • Removing older versions:
  • Additional tasks
  • No install



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