Vb.net Overview

What is .NET ?

Many people reckon that it’s Microsoft’s way of controlling the Internet, which is false. .NET is Microsoft’s strategy of software that provides services to people any time, any place, on any device. An accurate definition of .NET is, it’s an XML Web Services  platform which allows us to build rich .NET applications, which allows users to interact with the Internet using wide range of smart devices (tablet devices, pocket PC’s, web phones etc), which allows to build and integrate Web Services and which comes with many rich set of tools like Visual Studio to fully develop and build those applications.

What are Web Services?

Web Services are the applications that run on a Web Server and communicate with other applications. It uses a series of protocols to respond to different requests. The protocols on which Web Services are built are listed below:

  • UDDI: Stands for Universal Discovery and Description Integration
  • WSDL: Stands for Web Services Description Language
  • SOAP: Stands for Simple Object Access Protocol
  • XML, HTTP and SMTP

Editions OF VB .NET

  • Academic Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Developer Edition
  • Enterprise Architect Edition

Types Of Projects

  • Windows Applications
  • Class Libraries
  • Windows Control Libraries
  • Smart Device Applications
  • Asp .Net Web Applications
  • Asp .Net Web Services
  • Asp .Net Mobile Web Application
  • Web Control Library
  • Consol Application
  • Windows Services


  • .Suo  Solution User Option File
  • .Vb   Any File From Following
  • A Basic Window Form
  • A Code File
  • A Module  File For Storing Functions
  • A User Control
  • As Data Form
  • A Custom Control
  • An Inherited Form
  • A Web Custom Control
  • An Inherited User Control
  • A Window Services
  • An Assembly Info File
  • .Xsd An Xml Schema Provided To Create Datasets
  • .Htm An Html Document
  • .Txt   A Text File
  • .Rpt  Crystal Report
  • .Bmp            Bitmap File
  • .Js     Jscript File
  • .Vbs  Vbscript File
  • .Wsf Windows Scripting File
  • .Aspx            A Web Form
  • .Asp  An Active Server Page
  • .Asmx          Web Service Class
  • .Vsdisco       A Dynamic Discovery Project
  • .Web            A We Configuration File
  • .Asax           A Global Application Class
  • .Rex A Resource File To Store Resource Information
  • .Sln  Solution File
  • .Vbproj                    Vb Project File
  • .Vbproj.User            Vb Project User Option File


  • Start Page
  • Menu Bar
  • Toolbars
  • New Project Dilogbox
  • Object Browser
  • The Toolbox
  • The Solution Explorer
  • Class View Window
  • Property Window
  • Dynamic Help Window
  • Component Tray
  • The Server Explorer
  • The Output Window
  • The Task List
  • The Command Window
  • Graphical Designers
  • Form Designers
  • Web Form Designers
  • Component Designer
  • Xml Designeres
  • Code Designers


  • Design  Time Mode
  • Runtime Mode
  • Break Time Mode


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